Who’s behind Poshead?

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Once upon a time: Antonella Falasca and her idea since 2012.

Poshead was born from the idea of ​​joining two accessories: glasses and bags.

Antonella Falasca, of Italian origins, is the designer who created this brand, currently distributed in Italy and abroad, particularly into the Asian and Middle Eastern market. Poshead bags are highly sought after and personalized. Each bag is characterized by an attractive design and by the choice of glasses or aviator glasses that distinguish the brand, giving each end product a new “face”.

Antonella Falasca, our designer, answered some of our questions to reveal some information about her passions and her brand.

“Was there anyone who inspired you in your work?”

<< Both my grandfather and my father have always been two people of great importance during my growth, as well as my constant source of inspiration. >>

“In which city do you feel the most at home or inspired to start working on a new collection?”

<< Rome and New York. Especially Rome. It is my hometown and it is the place where my brand was born. >>

“Do you have any specific rituals to adopt before any of your fashion shows or presentations?”

<< What I do is not really a ritual. I certainly like to consider opinions from people very close to me, mostly from my daughters. >>

“Do you have hobbies that completely detach themselves from fashion?”

<< Yes, I like listening to music and another great passion of mine is to go snowboarding. >>

“If they took you to a desert island and you could only bring one item with you, what would you bring? “

<< A pair of glasses! An accessory I can’t go without.>>

So? Stay tuned, something is coming!

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