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Poshead, borse con occhiali

Poshead & Frank Denota

Rome December 16, 2021 via del Babuino

Poshead, most requested accessories brand by the international jet set, celebrates its 10th anniversary with a liason of excellence: the Master Frank Denota, contemporary pop art painter from the New York of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring

Once again, the contamination between fashion and art manages to create an explosive mixture of colors and irony in which the accessory becomes a message and the painting becomes almost material.

If, as gallery owner Muriel Latow said, the spirit of pop art is to reproduce “something that you see every day, something that anyone can recognize. Something like a can of Campbell’s Soup”, Frank Denota has perfectly captured in the unfailing frame present in all Poshead models the element of recognizability and uniqueness, transversal to a world of fantasy and contemporaneity.

Planned for the evening is a video intervention by the singer-songwriter Anastacia, famous for the originality of the models of glasses that characterize her looks and who will wear a model of Poshead glasses in the launch photo of her upcoming tour.

This fusion of fashion, art and music, represents the synthesis of our brand’s mission,” says Antonella Falasca, creator and soul of Poshead, “and expresses the vocation of each of our models, which despite being born from an all-Italian craftsmanship lives a personal cosmopolitan story.”

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Posh Warhol Collection

“Art exists (maybe), but I don’t believe in it.”-Andy Warhol

It is superfluous to speak again of the knot that binds our brand to the art world: for all of you who read us and are our loyal friends, Poshfriends as we like to call you, the link between Art and Poshead is now more than known.

The relationship with art for Poshead has always been strong and important and like a snail it always turns on the same basis: ART-MANUFACT-COMMUNICATION-CONCEPT.

We could not miss an important celebration in this regard, a collection that spoke openly of an artist, one in particular, that artist who broke all the molds of art history, that character in the ’60s in New York, in the words of Argan, represents the “non-creativity of mass civilization”: Andy Warhol. It is no longer a time for craftsmanship with a minimum of quantity and a maximum of quality, the Industrial Revolution has long passed and we are in the midst of the economic boom of the ’60s and moreover in New York: Warhol is the greatest exponent of Pop Art.

Superficially we could be oriented to think of this artist as an exponent of concepts that are exactly the opposite of what Poshead from the beginning of his career tries to communicate; Warhol in fact seems to want to approve the nullification of the author, the unlimited reproduction, the commodification. In reality, the American artist did not approve of mass culture and the American way of life, being interested above all in the psychological aspect that the repetition of news or images affected the public, thus becoming the greatest communicator of the American way of life. Handcrafted vs. industrial product is a difference that Warhol had well in mind: a basic concept in the creation and production of our brand.

All that Poshead and Warhol seemingly have in opposition are nothing more than links of conjunction

The idea of dedicating a collection to this artist was born from the love, needless to say, towards the must-have accessory par excellence, glasses, undisputed protagonists of the Poshead brand and inseparable companions of every outing that Andy Warhol made, always combined with his Leica for which he spent these words: “I carry my camera wherever I go. Having a new roll of film to develop gives me a good reason to wake up in the morning.”

With the Warhol Collection, Poshead’s signature accessory, eyeglasses, were made of metal and enameled to then be displayed on our leather or denim creations. Attention to materials and respect for raw materials and excellent quality have led us to produce them in an extremely pop version, with a shiny appearance, silver or gold, hand-enameled and in contrasting colors so as to reproduce the brand in an extremely pop version just like a billboard inscription.

The bags of this unique collection are not present on our online shop and can be purchased only after ordering.

Poshead, a conceptually pop and art-loving brand, has always created and produced its handcrafted goods in Italy.


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Posh Private Collection

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Creativity and experimentation are the coordinates within which moves the new Private Collection by Poshead. Starting once again
From the union of the two accessories par excellence, the bag and the glasses, the designer gives life to a careful search for precious materials by combining the
fashion to the world of work ubiquitous never before in our lives at the office, smart working or in the park.

It’s a journey that takes inspiration from the classic superheroes to get to us, everyday superheroes, where there is no more time or place, where there is no more distinction between home, work and leisure, in a total glam that accompanies us from morning to night and that contains our world in a tablet or a pc.

So here is the new laptop backpack in genuine leather, the Posh Work dresses up with the minimal eyewear made with the Embossing technique, together with the 24h case, our Posh Case and pc holder, Posh Note, generating a set not to be missed for men and women, customizable with name on the label and becoming a real must have to have or to give to our loved ones.

The chromatic Palette starts from dark tones, such as black and leather, and then
Explore fun shades like aquamarine, purple all the way to neutral snow white.



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Beauty according to Poshead

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What exactly is meant by beauty?

 And in what sense does Poshead define this concept?

By now you are for us authentic Poshfriends, with you we have defined what are our fundamental concepts.

Among this, it will have happened to you many times, to read us or to see us through our creations, and to have guessed that the concept of beauty is for us an absolutely subjective value.

Despite the academic training and knowledge of classical canons once required to create a work, Poshead asserts that beauty is a personal value and absolutely nothing can be defined as beautiful or ugly.

For this reason, the brand always starts from a subjective vision of products that can make us express our interiority, giving life to creations of their own beauty, uncommon, unclassifiable, that add character to the person himself.

The uniqueness that results has nothing to do with the concept of objective beauty but lives of a personal concept where nothing can be defined as beautiful or ugly. What according to Poshead refers to the feeling of beauty is the result of communication, idea, diffusion and externalization of the interior.

Not to run the risk of being bored by the vision of beauty for its own sake, Poshead needs imperfection to create something as unique as every Poshead.

It is in the imperfection that lies the extraordinary beauty.


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Merry Christmas

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Throughout the year, people look forward to December to celebrate the ultimate holiday with loved ones, and 2020 has amplified that perspective more. We haven’t been able to hug anyone for almost a year now and this like all Christmases would have been the time for those warm hugs that would have filled our hearts and warmed our souls, a moment never longed for before now. Neruda diceva che a hug is to detach a piece of yourself to give it to the other so that they can continue their journey less alone… In addition to this value of love, a hug now would also have the value of restarting towards a long-awaited normality. Many places that would have been filled at a family meal this year will be empty unfortunately, and missing loved ones during the holidays, you know, is stronger.

With this very special Christmas, devoid of worldliness and superficiality as we are used to living, we will have the opportunity to reflect on the importance of love and the dearest affections, what perhaps 2020 wanted to teach everyone. So we wish you all a celebration, more or less alone, but always with a perspective of awareness and rebirth.

Poshead then gives you that embrace that Neruda described, peeling off a little piece of himself to make you feel less alone.

To all Poshfriends, Merry Christmas


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