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Poshead, borse con occhiali

Poshead & Frank Denota

Rome December 16, 2021 via del Babuino

Poshead, most requested accessories brand by the international jet set, celebrates its 10th anniversary with a liason of excellence: the Master Frank Denota, contemporary pop art painter from the New York of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. 

Once again, the contamination between fashion and art manages to create an explosive mixture of colors and irony in which the accessory becomes a message and the painting becomes almost material.

If, as gallery owner Muriel Latow said, the spirit of pop art is to reproduce “something that you see every day, something that anyone can recognize. Something like a can of Campbell’s Soup”, Frank Denota has perfectly captured in the unfailing frame present in all Poshead models the element of recognizability and uniqueness, transversal to a world of fantasy and contemporaneity.

Planned for the evening is a video intervention by the singer-songwriter Anastacia, famous for the originality of the models of glasses that characterize her looks and who will wear a model of Poshead glasses in the launch photo of her upcoming tour.

This fusion of fashion, art and music, represents the synthesis of our brand’s mission,” says Antonella Falasca, creator and soul of Poshead, “and expresses the vocation of each of our models, which despite being born from an all-Italian craftsmanship lives a personal cosmopolitan story.”

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