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Posh Private Collection

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Creativity and experimentation are the coordinates within which moves the new Private Collection by Poshead. Starting once again
From the union of the two accessories par excellence, the bag and the glasses, the designer gives life to a careful search for precious materials by combining the
fashion to the world of work ubiquitous never before in our lives at the office, smart working or in the park.

It’s a journey that takes inspiration from the classic superheroes to get to us, everyday superheroes, where there is no more time or place, where there is no more distinction between home, work and leisure, in a total glam that accompanies us from morning to night and that contains our world in a tablet or a pc.

So here is the new laptop backpack in genuine leather, the Posh Work dresses up with the minimal eyewear made with the Embossing technique, together with the 24h case, our Posh Case and pc holder, Posh Note, generating a set not to be missed for men and women, customizable with name on the label and becoming a real must have to have or to give to our loved ones.

The chromatic Palette starts from dark tones, such as black and leather, and then
Explore fun shades like aquamarine, purple all the way to neutral snow white.



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