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Merry Christmas

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Throughout the year, people look forward to December to celebrate the ultimate holiday with loved ones, and 2020 has amplified that perspective more. We haven’t been able to hug anyone for almost a year now and this like all Christmases would have been the time for those warm hugs that would have filled our hearts and warmed our souls, a moment never longed for before now. Neruda diceva che a hug is to detach a piece of yourself to give it to the other so that they can continue their journey less alone… In addition to this value of love, a hug now would also have the value of restarting towards a long-awaited normality. Many places that would have been filled at a family meal this year will be empty unfortunately, and missing loved ones during the holidays, you know, is stronger.

With this very special Christmas, devoid of worldliness and superficiality as we are used to living, we will have the opportunity to reflect on the importance of love and the dearest affections, what perhaps 2020 wanted to teach everyone. So we wish you all a celebration, more or less alone, but always with a perspective of awareness and rebirth.

Poshead then gives you that embrace that Neruda described, peeling off a little piece of himself to make you feel less alone.

To all Poshfriends, Merry Christmas


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