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Beauty according to Poshead

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What exactly is meant by beauty?

 And in what sense does Poshead define this concept?

By now you are for us authentic Poshfriends, with you we have defined what are our fundamental concepts.

Among this, it will have happened to you many times, to read us or to see us through our creations, and to have guessed that the concept of beauty is for us an absolutely subjective value.

Despite the academic training and knowledge of classical canons once required to create a work, Poshead asserts that beauty is a personal value and absolutely nothing can be defined as beautiful or ugly.

For this reason, the brand always starts from a subjective vision of products that can make us express our interiority, giving life to creations of their own beauty, uncommon, unclassifiable, that add character to the person himself.

The uniqueness that results has nothing to do with the concept of objective beauty but lives of a personal concept where nothing can be defined as beautiful or ugly. What according to Poshead refers to the feeling of beauty is the result of communication, idea, diffusion and externalization of the interior.

Not to run the risk of being bored by the vision of beauty for its own sake, Poshead needs imperfection to create something as unique as every Poshead.

It is in the imperfection that lies the extraordinary beauty.


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