A collection of works freely reinterpreted as evidence of the continuous and fruitful dialogue between art and Poshead World.

Frida Kahlo's PoshNight

Frida Kahlo’s PoshNight, Frida & Poshead, April 2020. Frida Kahlo in “Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace” wears a Shiny Steam, real leather on oil on canvas

Posh Lady with pet

Posh Lady with Pet, Leonardo & Poshead, April 2020.” The “Lady with the ermine” is wearing a Posh Belt, genuine colored leather pouch on Oil on Board 

SunDay Mood

SunDay Mood, Modigliani & Poshead, April 2020. Lòeopold Zborowski and Jeanne Hébuterne wear a Ross Silver and a Lounge Silver, both genuine leather on oil on canvas.

Posh EarrinGirl

Posh Earringirl Vermeer & Poshead, April 2020. The “Girl in the turban” is wearing a Little Cat Eyes Real leather bag on oil on canvas

Posh secret

Posh Secret Magritte & Poshead, April 2020. The son of man wears a Posh Back in pure black denim on oil on canvas

Posh American Gothic

Posh Farmers, Wood & Poshead, April 2020 Couple of American farmers, she wears a Mini Steam, he wears a Posh Bow in real black leather on oil on canvas.


PoshDinner, Leonardo & Poshead ,April 2020. All Apostles wear the Wharol Collection. From left: Bartholomew has a Fuchsia Tote, James the younger a Seventy white, Andrew a Dotty Denim, Judas in Little White, Peter a Medium Fuchsia, Thomas with a Hyde, James the older a Big Dark, Philip a Big Denim, Matthew with a Dotty Green, Thaddeus in PoshTone and finally Simon has chosen a Fuchsia Hyde.

Jesus participates at the dinner looking through the lenses of his Poshglasses.


ComPoshion Van Gogh & Poshead, April 2020. The Virgin with a Clutch Warhol in denim holds Christ with her eyes veiled by Poshglasses On oil on canvas.

Posh Rebirth

Yellow PoshChrist Gauguin & Poshead, April 2020. Breton peasants blindfold the eyes of Jesus crucified with Poshglasses with chromed lenses and black leather lace on oil on canvas.

Posh Rebirth

Posh Rebirth, Mantegna & Poshead, April 2020. Poshglasses for Jesus and soldiers: all are exhorted to look at the world through Poshead lenses for a sacrifice of salvation without distinction of gender on tempera on board.  #stayagender