Pantone Spring Summer 2020

2020 Spring/Summer season’s Pantone made by the Pantone Center Institute is divided in 12 shades of colors and 4 neutral tones.

The palette of the year playes on warm shades such as orange, red and yellow prints that come along with blue of different tones.

The main challenge on the 2020 is to highlight energy and vitality.

The color of the year is definitely the Classic Blue, which embodies relax and introspection giving to the wearer a feeling of je ne sais pas; suitable for any type of complexion this color refers to sapphire giving a sense of elegance and simplicity.

The second place for the season goes to Biscay Green, a shade of aqua green that’s perfect with  colors like apricot in case you have a warm complexion or like purple in case your complexion tends towards cold tones.

Classic Blue and Biscay Green are therefore without a shadow of a doubt those that will color our Spring Summer 2020 where the first recalls the relaxation of the sea and the latter the freshness of spring.

The winners are the pastel colors that replace the brightest and fluo tones to stimulate all the sweetest and most delicate shades that immediately bring to our mind the idea of Spring-Summer.

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Love, Poshead.