Create your unique and unrepeatable My Poshead.

Strongly desired by the designer, My Poshead is the collection that best represents the inspiring Poshead concept.

My Poshead bags are characterized in such detail, unique as the person they represent.

Choose name, model, leather and glasses that you prefer or that you represent the most, or you can  rely on the creativity and sensitivity of the designer to create your customized bag.

The possibilities and combinations are endless and two equal My Posheads, will never exist.

You can be inspired from your family and loved ones, a person you look up to or a particular look to capture the essence and personality in a unique item that will accompany you forever.

The models reproduced below are unique pieces and therefore difficult to reproduce as in the photos.

By contacting us we can give you the information about the type of leather and glasses available to create your My Poshead bag.

Some examples