Poshead’s brand passion for craftsmanship comes from a long experience in the fashion industry from the study of fabric and materials and from the deep respect for those who can think and realize with their own hands a very unique product: the craftsman.

Poshead’s bag is defined by the designer as a new generation creature.

The designer explains how the craftsmanship and the luxury materials are fundamental to give born to product with a true and properly soul.

The ultimate result shows an elegant object that embodies modernity without forgetting the roots of the national craftsmanship culture.

In this way in the Poshead’s lab, each product, of small and large leather goods which is made with materials of italian origin and processing, follows a production path from the very beginning till the end and it’s made with passion by artisans with a really long experience and knowledge in the Italian manufacturing field.

The creative experimentation tries to combine all of this with a contemporary and absolutely original design that gives back a distinctive creation which is suitable for each person that doesn’t wear the product in a passive way by recognizing it as a real passport, an alter ego that gives informations about the italian origin, processing and project.

The genuine leather Poshead bags are entirely produced with original leathers and 100% Made in Italy manufacturing.

The importance of a product that’s entirely made in Italy is recognized by the attention to different aspects such as traceability, the use of eco-friendly treatments compatible and not harmful to the environment in the tanning process, and a particular attention to the use of water resources during processing. The final result is a durable output that over time acquires more and more beauty. The attention to the environment has always been a cornerstone for Poshead’s philosophy and identity. The continuous experimentation in the Poshead laboratory recalls the use of materials that used to be traditionally treated in other areas in a new and original way.

Lucy GALALITE glasses.

Produced and used in multiple colors and patterns are applied on the bags as a distinctive brand of the Lucy.

This plastic of natural origin is obtained from casein. Thanks to his multiple versatility this fabric allows the designer to reproduce all types of material such as horn, ivory and wood and is widely used in the fashion industry to produce objects with unique effects. Poshead skilfully and obsessively exploits the eclecticism of this material using the glasses made by galalite as a sign of brand recognition.

A challenge in the re-use of Poshead materials is the use of NEOPRENE.

A particular type of synthetic rubber which is commonly used to realize surf suits and it has transformed from a petrochemical product to an almost entirely natural product due to its development into limestone neoprene which comes from calcium carbonates.

Is also thanks to this kind of material if Poshead is able to create a product that is durable over time and has a low environmental impact which is another characteristic that allows the brand to keep on pushing on an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Another important element is the attention that Poshead dedicates to the use of STELLS.

In particular those necessary for the shoulder chains which are inserted in light alloy or aluminum depending on the cases and are always nickel free. The metal chains are entirely produced in Italy by companies that take care of the origin of raw materials.

On the final Poshead product these chains can appear with the simplest classic silver or colored by gold, then anodized or galvanized, or fanatically glazed in different colors.


Finally, the Poshead pattern also finds its way into the use of ACETATE which has cotton as its starting material!

The brand adopts this material a lot thanks to the lack of limits that it represents in the creation of fantasies that could be invented or copied by nature: this aspect has allowed the creation of eyewear with a tortoiseshell effect which is really loved and exhibited by Poshead’s creative mind.