The idea of “poshead” was born in 2012 as a form of expression for those who do not want to belong to anything already existing and approved.

It represents the quest for novelty, the reinterpretation of history and the desire for adventure,finally celebrating the end of the existing categories and inaugurating a totally new one: the Poshead.

It can be worn on any occasion, from any type of person who loves the creativity and experimentation without giving in to excess.

Realize an accessory that somehow talks about its self in a very unique way.

Poshead is a product with a clear and strong identity but each single bag is created with the main aim to reflect the personality of the person wearing the bag in a complete fascinating combination.

A journey to be done together, the person and its Poshed, its precious object, the testimony of the emotions, sensations of an entire life.

The mission of the brand is to realize a product not necessarily following the current fashion, the idea is to totally overturn it, giving the future custumers not a simple accessory but a real expression tool, an item to communicate emotions, an item you would never release and keep close as much as possible.


The designer more as a diffuser of ideas than a producer of objects.

Antonella Falasca, roman accessories designer, was born in a family where research and testing translate into business reality. His grandfa ther founded in the Capital a tailoring company, managed by his father, specializing in fabrics distribution.

After the studies at the European Institute of Design in Rome and many experiences at major Italian companies, she decides to undertake an individual journey, launching in 2012 the Poshead brand, with the intention of merging two accessories, handbag and glasses, in a single project.

After a long experience in the fashion industry and working for some of the most important companies in Italy, she decided to create her own line of clutch bags, dedicated to those who, like her, have the ability to see a soul in the materials and objects they surround themselves with.

Each bag designs the shape of a stylized face that changes depending o n the glasses applied on the flap and the shape of the bag, creating each time a new and original clutch.


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Poshead in the world – Our distributors


Blu Boutique  
Via le Botteghe, 57 – 80073 Capri (NA)
Blu Boutique

Leone Collection  
Via Petrarca 1/s 90144 Palermo

Lasciate entrare il sole    
Via dei Romei, 30 – 41121 Ferrara
Tel. 0532 204058

Wait and see   
 Via Santa Marta 14 – 20123 Milano (MI)

Regina T   
Piazza Bruno Trentin  2/1 2/2 – Collegno

Per Piacere  
Pietro De Coubertin, 24  Roma
Tel. 06 80690384 

L’Anatra all’Arancia 
Via Tiburtina 105, 00185 Roma
Tel: 06 4456293

Corso Giacomo Matteotti, 34 –  51016 Montecatini Terme PT

Due tappe
Via Igea, 27 – 00135 Roma RM

La Maison de titti  
Via del Moro 48 –  Roma


Shoes in the city
Breite Strasse 23 Werningrode – (Germania)

Andrea Pievetz
Porzellangasse 10 – 1090 Vienna (Austria)
Tel.: +43 1 3155987

Carpe Diem
Jean Baptiste Nowelei 35 – 18000 Vivoorde (Belgio)

Drake’s Luxury Boutique
Damrak 61, 1012 LM Amsterdam (Paesi Bassi)

Extra EU Countries

Le 66 Concept
151 Foch street – Beirut (Libano)

French Twist
15 S Elm St, Three Oaks, MI 49128 – Stati Uniti

Ear Papilloner Osaka Japan
3 Chome-1-3 Umeda, Kita – Osaka (Giappone)

Margo Stores
Str. Navaginskaya 3 – Sochi (Russia)

Villa Baboushka
31, Ismail Mohamed Street, Zamalek – Cairo (Egitto)